The Art of Giving & Receiving

The Art of Giving & Receiving

In life we give… we receive, this is natural, but not intuitive for us to allow the free flow of each to exist.

For me it feels safer to give. Often I notice when receiving there can be strings attached.
The familiar call you receive saying that you won a trip through WestJet, of course you press one immediately to hear of what you have received… Or do you?

I know many people who can use the support and care of others on one hand and on the other I count many healers available in my community to support, however there seems to be a great divide between them…

Our humanity feels the pain of others and wants to help as best we can.

Yet also our independence and self-reliance are valued resources in the world. To admit that we need the support of others is vulnerable….To let our guard down and allow people in is scary… what is needed?

For me it’s emotional safety, that loving kindness of someone being available at my side without rescuing me from my pain but standing by. Not stepping inside my boundary but available on the outside leaning in.

The art of giving and receiving matters and interestingly enough receiving can be one of the greatest gifts offered to others.
We need each other, this is the truth of our humanity.

What does the flow of giving and receiving look like in your life?
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