#wholeness #unity #love

While we are here in this life my sense is we all have a need to be the people we know we can be. Bring our whole Selves forward to connect in life and with others. Trusting the outcome will serve the greater good.

#truth #growth #healing

Sometimes growth can look like this. When we grow and expand we might find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. Once our awareness sees something that is true, it cannot be unseen… this can feel like a step backward as we find our new footing. What feels contracted is already more expanded. This too will find its Continue Reading

#freedom #belonging #community

What are you doing when you feel a sense of belonging? In this space we can notice that the disturbances in life have less of an impact. There is a firmer ground supporting what is needed to expand.  Your Self can be here without judgement.


Return to a place of rest, ease and contentment, where you can just BE.