The Truth That Lies Within

The Truth That Lies Within

As a parent there are many things that I wish I could save my children from, whether its

  • not having enough friends at school
  • or feeling sad about a broken toy

When they were younger, I noticed how arriving at the cashier desk in the grocery store with my kids melting down, often resulted in the cashier trying to ease their discomfort by offering them either a candy or a sticker.

I have similarly notice my own desire to do the same when my emotions run high. That tendency to ease the pain of my experience through either a glass of wine or a few clicks into social media.

This can satisfy temporarily but I’ve noticed that the energy of unprocessed emotions can build up like water behind a dam. Eventually a small disturbance can cause it all to overflow in unexpected ways.

Our feelings are temporary they come and they go. They are not actually here to be fixed, but usually arise for a reason. There is some wisdom and truth that lies within.

Reflecting on this, it is easy to question as my daughter did “but what is good about anger??“.

Anger is here for a reason, maybe to say;

  • no you can’t treat me that way
  • or that’s not right
  • I am not OK with that

All are important things to be voiced. If anger or other “negative” emotions are not noticed, heard or processed, then where would that voice come from?

By allowing our emotions some space to be here, our own wisdom can start to find room to unfold.

This is different than indulging our feelings, or asking others to bear the weight of them for us. Perhaps instead just to feel them fully, to shift from doing or distracting to being with, how we feel.

Some examples of being with our experience include, spending time connecting with our selves through

  • nature
  • creating art, dancing or singing
  • playing music
  • yoga, meditation
  • gardening
  • cooking
  • physical activity
  • safe coaching or therapeutic relationships

Because when can be with and integrate our emotional experience and learn from the wisdom within, a new way of being in life becomes available. One that feels more true.

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